We’re thrilled to finally announce publicly that Collider Labs and Collider Ventures had incubated and invested in Sovryn!

Sovryn has just completed a $2.1M funding round (symbolic of Bitcoin’s total supply), that will help the team build products that will serve Bitcoiners and spearhead DeFi that is as close as it gets to the Bitcoin’s original values and is 100% bitcoin-denominated, without a need to hold another token.

We’re particularly excited about Sovryn as it is the first company we’ve incubated in Collider Labs with a fast follow-on investment by Collider’s Ventures flagship fund.

DeFi is Exploding with BTC in the lead

Decentralized Finance is the fastest growing…

Collider Labs is a response to the new realities 2020 had brought upon the crypto industry as well as the global economy. The need for creative solutions is tremendous. Nearly everyday at Collider, we meet top entrepreneurs who are adapting to the changing landscape. We would often see companies at the inception phase and we decided we must take action to support at this stage too.

In addition, COVID19 has accelerated the world toward a remote-first work culture, we see it as an opportunity to think outside the box and this is why we’ve structured Collider Labs as our own…

We’re thrilled to finally announce publicly that Collider Ventures had invested strategically in IDEX! We believe in the team and see IDEX 2.0 as a unique hybrid between centralized and decentralized exchange platform. IDEX joins Collider’s strong venture portfolio and we’re excited to start seeing synergy between the companies we partner with.

Background and History of IDEX

IDEX was established in 2017 by brothers Alex Wearn (CEO) & Philip Wearn (COO). After launching in the fall of that year and with Jason Ahmad (CTO) joining shortly after, IDEX quickly became the #1 DEX and DApp on the Ethereum network. …

Collider Ventures

Collider is full stack blockchain & crypto venture fund.

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